Chanel n°5 vs Chanel n°5 l’EAU: what makes them different?

Hello everyone!


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Today I am going to talk about two fragrances by Chanel, which are the famous and renowned CHANEL N°5 and its “sequel”, CHANEL N°5 L’EAU.

I don’t even know where to start when speaking about these fragrances, especially Chanel n°5, because so many things have been said about it but what made me decide to talk about it is basically the sensations that this perfume gives me and how I came to love it, because I think that when speaking about a perfume, unless you are a pro expert, what moves you to go the nearest Sephora (or whatever store you fancy) and try it is what you’ve heard about it, or maybe the fact that you love a certain brand, etc which is why I decided to review this perfume in a personal way, writing about the sensations this two fragrances give me, including of course some of the notes and also the differences between them.

So as I was coming to love the fragrances world one of the first ones that I had always heard about was, of course, Chanel n°5.


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Before going to try it, I read many things online to sort of give myself an idea of what to expect when smelling such an iconic perfume for the first time and all of the things I read where pushing me to just go an see what this masterpiece smelled about.

When I first smelled Chanel n°5 on the touche I thought that that was a too mature fragrance for me and I was disappointed by that because I really wanted to wear this iconic fragrance, being the fragrances lover that I am BUT that smell remained sealed into my senses and I couldn’t stop thinking about it because it was something I’d never heard before, something so particular and just different from any other perfumes out there. So I went to Sephora again and this time I tried it on myself instead of on the touche and I noticed that it was like the essence of the fragrance was spreading all over the place or, to say it better, it was like a flower’s symphony was being played at the store. In fact, as you probably know, Chanel n°5 is made by 80 different types of flowers which may seem too much or exaggerate. Of course, as everyone would expect from Chanel, all those amazing 80 flowers which create Chanel n°5 are combined with mastery in a perfect bouquet of femininity and elegance which will sit on your skin like a delicate and silky rose petal; I would still describe Chanel n°5 as a mature fragrance, but don’t think about those heavy flowery old-lady fragrances: Chanel n°5 is yes for a mature woman and maybe you will not like it at first, but it has something special to it because the more and longer you smell it on your skin, the more you will come to appreciate it. It’s the perfect fragrance for you if you want to smell flowery, interesting, feminine, sophisticated and intriguing.

For some people, Chanel n°5 is a love at first sight (or smell, in this case) but for someone else it can take a longer journey to appreciate it because I 100% think it’s one of the most iconic and rare perfumes in the whole world, and to appreciate and know something so unique it takes more than just one spray. Remember, 80 flowers masterly combined create this amazing fragrance, so take your time to wear it more than few times before giving any opinions about Chanel n°5, because every time you wear it it can reveal a different yet unique and timeless aspect of it. It’s still very difficult and yet so fascinating for me to write and above all to be able to smell it on myself, discovering every time what a timeless treasure this perfume is. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I truly respect this perfume as a creation of art which will always be timeless yet always actual for me.


Let’s talk now about Chanel n°5 l’EAU.


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As I started to love the beauty side of Chanel I decided to keep up with all the new product this brand was releasing and when I found out a sort of new version of Chanel n°5 was coming out, I couldn’t wait to put my hands on it! Almost as soon as it came out, I went on the Chanel website and gifted myself this new fragrance (by the way, they offer an AMAZING service on the Chanel website, I really reccommend buying there if you want to spoil yourself!). There was a picture of Chanel n°5 l’EAU on their website with the write on it “You know me and you don’t“, which immediately grabbed my attention – as someone who loves contradictions, ’cause they make something even more interesting to understand. Plus, the combination between “Chanel n°5” (one of my fave) and “L’EAU” (something that reminded of of freshness and pureness, two elements I love having in my perfumes) really convinced me that this was probably going to be the fragrance for me.

I can’t tell you enough how happy I was when I received it! Opening a Chanel box to find the iconic Chanel perfume bottle filled with what seemed to call my senses was surely one of the best moments ever! ;P

Anyway, the first time I sprayed Chanel n°5 on myself I immediately smelled a base of the classic Chanel n°5, but there was definitely a twist to it and I remembered what I read on their website: You know me and you don’t. This was what I immediately thought when smelling it because it was like I knew what I was smelling but something different and definitely captivating made an entrance: an elegant and fresh citrusy note. If Chanel n°5 has a timeless scent, this one definitely made the step above in terms of getting a modern twist to a classic fragrance. I think Chanel n°5 L’EAU is for a women who likes to smell fresh and timeless at the same time, elegant and modern, flowery with a touch of fresh citrusy. The clear, sophisticated and elegant packaging and, as well, the new color of the fragrance (Chanel n°5 has a more amber color, while Chanel n°5 l’EAU looks exactly like water) surely give you the iconic-vibe of a Chanel perfume bottle with an addition of contemporaneity to it. I think that, once again, Chanel is a master when it comes to fragrances because trying to add something new to something so iconic like Chanel n°5 could have in some way “confused” the customer or, even worse, because Chanel n°5 l’EAU smells so fresh and light (in the good way), make the customer concentrate more on the classic side, losing the point of Chanel n°5 l’EAU. Well, this is not the case: when you smell this fragrance, you can clearly smell both the iconic fragrance and the freshness to it, making it respect Chanel n°5 as a timeless fragrance but with a look at the contemporary age.

I therefore think these two fragrances have different personalities in terms of classicism and contemporaneity, as the classic Chanel n°5 can be suitable for more mature women, who have come to love and learn about fragrances, ’cause I think it takes time to discover every shade of this iconic fragrance. I still love and respect this one and I really appreciate the fact Chanel respected its past creation, but added something modern to it. I really encourage anyone who like me loves flowery and fresh fragrances to try Chanel n°5 l’EAU, as well as I encourage anyone who loves to learn about perfumes to try and study Chanel n°5, because I promise you there’s nothing like it in the world.

So I hope you enjoyed what I had to say about these two fragrances, which I would categorize amongst my top favourites, yes, both of them, because I think their slight difference can be crucial, whether you want to give a classic or modern vibe to your whole look. Plus, do you wanna know a tip to make your fragrances last longer on your body? Well, spray them after you’ve used a moisturizer, because they will last longer if your skin is hydrated! 😉

What do you think about these fragrances? Have you tried them? Which is your favourite one? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you! :*

See you next time, bye! xx

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