3 Products You Need for Beautiful and Healthier Hair – Budget Friendly Hair Care Routine

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Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about 3 of the products I use to keep my hair looking beautiful and healthier. First of all, I want to mention I’m not a professional so all of the things I use and reccommend to you are products I have been purchasing based on my experiences and things I’ve been learning through the years. Besides that, I can guarantee you the products I am going to present are all 100% natural so if you’re interested in that you’re in the right place!

Most of the time I’ve been founding myself using lots and lots of products for my hair without any  positive or actual results so after a while I started to investigate more and more on how I could get them to a healthier state. About two or three years ago I decided to bleach a good part of my hair to get the colour I wanted at that time and even thou I was very happy with the result at the beginning, after few months I started seeing my hair being very unhealthy and just bad looking. At first I tried to use products to get them softer and smoother because one of the biggest issue for me was that I had very dry ends but after I washed them I didn’t see any actual improvement so I realized that the part I had bleached was the one I was struggling with and eventually I came up with the conclusion I had to cut that part to give my hair a better but most of all healthier look. Lucky for me my hair was very long at that time (and despite cutting it, I still had pretty long hair) so even if I was reluctant at first, I then decided to cut it and start using products that were all natural and good for the hair, and after all when from when I cut it I only noticed improvements and didn’t regret.

So, based on my experience I have to say that my number one tip for you is:

  1. Cut your hair if you see it being in a bad condition

And here you have to be very honest because I know sometimes we love our long hair and it can be difficult to cut them shorter (I’ve been there too…) BUT if your ends are dry, if you struggle keeping them looking healthier or if you see it not having any sort of style, just go ahead and cut it! It can be difficult to take this decision but I guarantee you your hair will only benefit from this! You will notice your ends not being dry and dead looking anymore and above all you hair will be in a healthier and good looking state.

Ok, now that we’ve taken the most important step, let’s jump into how to maintain it healthier with all natural products!

H A I R 

P R O D U C T S 




You hair isn’t any different from your body so if you are willing to eat healthy you should probably consider using healthier products for your hair too!

  1. The number one product I would like to reccommend to you is COCONUT OIL.


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I’ve been using coconut oil as a pre-shampoo conditioner for two years now and I generally apply it only on the ends because if you apply it directly to your scalp it can make your hair look greasy afterwards, and we don’t want that, don’t we? So what I do is I take some water and I spray it on my ends to make them wet, then I go ahead and get some coconut oil and the amount can depend from your length to the condition of it so if for example you find your hair being very dry one day, you can use a bit more to give it extra nourishment. When you’ve decided the amount you want, massage the coconut oil on the ends of your hair and make sure it gets all the benefits. I usually try to keep it on overnight but when I don’t have too much time I leave it on for a couple of hours and I still notice my hair being softer and smoother after washing it.

Coconut oil is very nourishing plus it smells great naturally, so make sure you buy one that’s 100% natural so it won’t damage your hair. Also remember that under 25°C coconut oil becomes solid so if you want to use it, check it first and if this state occurs you can melt some on a pot and then use it. Besides being very good for your hair, you can also use it coconut oil in the kitchen and I know many people do it, so if you like it already for that purpose and you’ve never tried it for your hair, now you have one more excuse to pamper yourself (and especially your hair!)


2. The second product I highly reccommend is Amla Oil.


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I found out about amla oil about the same time when I discovered coconut oil and I read it had some very good benefits for your hair, especially in terms of growth and strength. Being my hair very thin and fragile at that time, I decided I absolutely needed to try it and see if it had any result on myself too. I have to be very honest here because the main reason why I bought amla oil was that I read it was very helpful for growing your hair faster so when I found out it’s entirely made from a plant and I was more than happy I could grow my hair in a healthy and real way! This is how I use amla oil: unlike coconut oil, I spray some water on the roots of my hair and I make sure it’s pretty wet before applying the oil. The oil bottle I bought comes with a dropper so it’s easier for me to count how much I want so nothing gets wasted; I usually go for 5 or few more drops (again this is up to you, but I wouldn’t suggest to exaggerate) and massage them all over my scalp making sure the oil is very well distributed all over. As for the coconut oil, I like to keep amla oil on overnight but if you’re a bit late a few hours will do as well, then wash your hair and proceed styling it.

One thing I want to say about amla oil is that it has a red-ish color and I read that can probably transfer on your hair too; this hasn’t been the case for me but I know this can happen so I wanted to warn you.

These two are the products I use before my shampoo and I can guarantee you they work very well for any hair type, because they are natural and good for you. I found both the coconut and the amla oil on Amazon and they were pretty cheap. Depending on how much you use, they can last you for a long time; personally speaking, I have had them for a very long time and especially the amla oil will last you so much longer, since you only need few drops.


A F T E R   S H A M P O O 

After coconut and amla oil I will wash my hair and right now I am using a Vichy anti-dandruff shampoo since I have had to deal with it, but I usually go for very gentle and natural products to wash my hair too and, of course, after shampooing your hair you always want to use a conditioner (let me know if you would like to know some of the best shampoos and conditioners out there because this girl has tried many! ;D).

Ok, we’re done washing the hair, what’s next? Now we want to give our hair some extra softness so the third product I’m going to reccommend you is:



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(Sorry for the bottle condition but it has been uuuused!) Besides coconut oil, argan oil is one of the most popular hair products out there so it’s very easy to get trapped into products which may include argan oil but then contain other chemical stuff that can be bad for your hair. When looking for argan oil, make sure you buy one that’s 100% natural to get all the benefits from it.

Havin very think hair I struggle with knots a lot and besides making your hair shinier and softer, argan oil is great if you have the same “problem” as mine! So after washing my hair I will get the extra water away by drying them with a cotton towel and then, when it’s still a bit wet, I will apply two or three drops on the ends and make sure the oil it’s well distributed all over them. Then, I comb through my hair and I notice I don’t struggle as much with knots! One thing I always make sure I don’t do is to exaggerate with the amount of argan oil I use because it is very rich and nourishing so putting to much will make your hair look greasy and just not good.

Sometimes I prefer to air dry my hair because I find they look better this way afterwards and I am lucky enough to have very straight hair so once I comb them once again I am pretty much ready to go. Of course my hair will have a more natural look rather than a very perfect or very put together one, but if it’s not strictly necessary for me I prefer not using any kind of heat on my hair.

If, instead, I have to make myself a little more presentable I will use a hairdryer and a wooden brush to style them , but I always avoid to use a hair straightener or any kind of tools that will eventually ruin my hair. Of course I think it’s okay to use them once in a while if you have to, but my tip is to not use them on a everyday basis because that much heat will make your hair look dry and eventually unhealthy.

That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you have tried or you’re using any of these products let me know your thoughts! I would like to know if you have any tip to keep healthier hair.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll catch you on my next blog post! You can also check me out on my Instagram here if you want to :). Bye! xx

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