Only a Mid-Week Reminder… YOU CAN DO IT! #MotivationSeries

Hello everyone! You know when you get too excited about something and you ABSOLUTELY have to tell people your thoughts on it and just share your feelings? If so, you probably know what I am talking about. Being a very young blogger I am always trying to stay motivated to do better and sometimes, being someone who always tries to strive for the best, I end up being very impatient and this can sometimes lead to “unreasonable” lack of motivation and just self-believing.

Today thou, even it’s not very sunny in here, I am feeling very positive about my life even if I haven’t reached big milestones or anything today… but you know what? Reaching positivity is a big result already, because being positive makes you see everything under a different light!

So… just a reminder for everyone landing to my page and willing to read this post… YOU CAN DO IT! And whether you’re just waiting for the weekend or to reach that big goal you’ve set, don’t worry… YOU CAN DO IT! You can go through Thursday and then enjoy your weekend AND you can go through all that time that takes to reach your goals…


Hope I have given you some extra motivation to go through this hump day and by the way… weekend is coming for everyone, just enjoy some good prosecco, do your scrubs, wear some highlighters and drink your coffee et voilà! Now you can go spend some time with your loved ones and enjoy the weekend! Yep, it’s still Wednesday but.. be patient

P.s. I would like to start this #MotivationSeries which will include posts or even simple experiences I think might give you that boost to keep you motivated! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below if you like the idea!

May you have a Happy Week and I’ll see you guys very soon on my next blog post! Bye xx

P.s.s. I would like to thank Lambam from Lambam’s World (check her out here) because she inspired me to be even more positive today! Thank you :*


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  1. lambamsworld says:

    I am so humbled and blessed to have met you Darling 😍😍😍😍. I want you to always know which way the wind blows, we are all going to survive . Super excited about your new series 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽👍👍. You just made my day . Shine bright like a Diamond 💎

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    1. Thank you dear! I am also very happy I came across your blog! And I can still get extra motivation from this comment! Thank you so much! #strongwomensupporteachother

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      1. lambamsworld says:



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