Products I am including into my Pamper Routine – Weekend Treats

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog, thanks for landing on my page!

The weekend is almost here and all we want to do after a long week of work is to just relax and, if you’re a bit extra tired (or just a bit extra… like me!) you maybe want to pamper yourself so if this is the case, this post is out right on time for you to have a look at the products I like to use! *wink wink*

I’ll take you through the steps of my pamper routine, hope you enjoy! 🙂

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The first thing I like to do is to take a hot shower and spend hours and hours there…. jk (kinda) but there’s something about hot showers that just relaxes me and calms me like nothing else. During my shower I like to listen to some music and I don’t necessarily listen to relaxing music unless I’ll just have to do absolutely nothing after pampering myself… I usually go for something that motivates me and makes me feel like I’m about to slay the entire world ahah but the music you’ll listen to is completely up to you; let me know if you have any playlist you like to listen to when taking showers!


If you’ve read one of my previous posts about my skin care routine (and if you didn’t, you can click here to read it!) you know I love scrubs for my face because they’re so efficient when it comes to cleaning your skin and making it softer and just good looking and since your body isn’t any different from your face you might as well treat it too with some good skin care! As mentioned in the other post, I love Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub for my body but once a week I like to try something new to pamper myself and right now I am using The Ritual of Hammam Sea Salt Hot Scrub by Rituals Cosmetics. You can find it on their website which is or you can find it on Sephora as well and the retail price is 19,50€ on both sites for 450g of product, which is 15.8 oz. Here’s the link to the Rituals Cosmetics Website:


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First of all I want to spend just two words about this packaging because I freakin’ love it! I love all the details and cure that’s been put on creating it, from the colours, the combination of them, to the over all aesthetic so that probably drove me towards this product at first! Come on, have you seen the golden lid? I live for it! But let’s talk about the product itself and how I use it.

The scent of this one is warming ginger and eucalyptus which is something I usually don’t go for but there’s something about this combination that makes this scrub smell like a legit spa and it’s very good if you like herbal and minty scents so, as you can imagine, this smells very refreshing, energizing and calming at the same time! It’s truly amazing and what I do is I take a generous amount and massage it all over my body. As you massage it on you can feel the little salt flakes melting and all the oils in it doing their job, making your skin feel soft and smooth. You want to massage this in circular motions and I like to leave it on for a couple of minutes to give my skin time to absorb all of the products and then rinse it with warm water. I want to mention that this scrub doesn’t contain parabens, mineral oil or plastic scrub so yay!

They have an entire line based on The Ritual of Hammam (they have a body foaming gel and a body oil as well) but right now I only have the body scrub and the body cream, which is the next product I am going to talk about.



So after washing my body I’ll get out of the shower (it’s never easy, especially in winter, to leave it!) and what I do next is I apply my body cream. The one I will use when I go for the previous mentioned body scrub is the matching body cream, The Ritual of Hammam Soul Uplifting Body Cream. This one retails for 17,50 € both on and Sephora and you get 220ml of products, which will be 7.4 fl.oz. You can click on the following link to purchase it from the Rituals Cosmetics Website:


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Unlike my face, my body skin tends to get very dry so applying a body cream is a crucial step to me even if I’m not doing my pamper routine. This one by Rituals has eucalyptus and rosemary scent so again it’s going to feel very refreshing and puryfing. I really like this one because even if it’s very rich and moisturizing, it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky whatsoever so if you have dry skin on your body and you want to richly hydrate it without using a cream that doens’t feel comfortable, then this is the one for you. It does its job pretty amazingly and again, the cure for details that’s been put to create these packagings is something I’ve been loving at first sight. I love the wooden lid combined with the deep teal colour of the jar, it makes it look like it’s coming out straight from a luxurious spa. Plus as for the body scrub, this product doesn’t contain parabens or mineral oil so it’s very good!

So these two are the products I use for my body and I have to say I’m coming to love them more and more as I use them. I think they are high quality products because you can tell they are making your skin softer, smoother and refreshed from the first application. The scrub is so gentle but efficient at the same time and the body cream is absolutely gorgeous if you have dry skin because it’s going to richly nourish it.

Let’s jump now into this product I am really enjoying and it’s a mask by Baïja.


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I had never heard of this brand until one day I jumped on the Sephora website and started looking for scrubs and masks and this one popped out. It comes in two sizes and since I didn’t know anything about this brand I decided to go for the smaller one and it has 50 ml of product for 9.50 €. You can purchase it here:

I know it says it’s for the body but I was curious to try it on my face too and so when you first open it you notice that it has a creamy consistent and the smell, let me tell you, it’s going to immediately conquer your senses because it smells like orange blossom, so it’s a very fresh and spa-like scent. I personally love orange blossom scent and I think that especially with the spring coming you are going to love it too!


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This mask is made with Breton seaweed and desert clay and it’s supposed to absorb all the extra oil, leaving a purified, clean and soft skin. What I usually do is I dampen my face with warm water and then I will apply a think layer of this mask and leave it on for 5 minutes. As I let all the ingredients work, I usually start feeling in get dry and so I will let it dry almost completely before removing with a warm water dampened cloth. It comes off very easily and even if it’s a purifying mask it doesn’t leave your skin feeling clean, plumped, luminous and hydrated without making it oily afterward so it’s very good if you have oily skin and you still want to hydrate it but not to the point where it’s going to be too much and eventually become oily rather than hydrated.

As you’ve imagined, I am loving this mask because having oily skin it’s very difficult to get products that take the extra sebum away from your face without making it dry and this one it’s really good to keep everything balanced.

I have got two more products by Baïja which are a body and a hand cream I got as a Christmas present I love them so I’m loooking forward to try more of their products because I think I will love them too!

So that’s it guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Now you can go pamper yourself too and I hope I have inspired you to check this products out and let me know if you’re interested in any of these! They are some of the products I include into my pamper routine and what I am currently using and I hope to expand my collection soon because I really like these two brands so far plus I love collecting skin care items, from scrubs to tools so stay tuned because more exciting stuff is coming if you’re into skin care as much as I am!

What’s your pamper routine and what products do you use when pampering yourself? I would love to know about you!

Thanks for reading and landing on my page, see you soon, bye! xx

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  1. chloeburford says:

    That face mask looks amazing! I love the idea of a weekend pamper!xx

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    1. Oh thank you! Yeah I really reccommend it, let me know if you try it! 😊


  2. lambamsworld says:

    I really love this hun ! Pampering is always a good idea over the weekend . Stay blessed 😍😍😍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you dear, hope you will have a relaxing and good weekend too! Thanks for being supportive ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lambamsworld says:

        I am here watching a movie 🍿 called Dynasty. Smiling and waving back to you 😘😘😘

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      2. Have a good night dear 😙✨

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  3. I love pamper routines! It’s like taking a deep breath and exhaling! Love it 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re right! Hope you get the chance to do one this weekend! Thanks for reading my post 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. 3C Style says:

    I need some pampering… Maybe over this weekend. The face mask seems interesting and you got me curious about this product. I might try it eventually. Thanks for sharing.

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