What I did and got for My Birthday

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I am sorry I didn’t upload my usual Friday post last week but I I have been very busy planning and organizing the last details of my birthday and – of course – celebrating it! 😛 But honestly, even if it’s only a week since I uploaded my last post, I feel like it’s been so much longer and today I was really missing writing on here, plus it’s Tuesday (I usually upload on Tuesdays and Fridays) so here I am! Today’s post is going to be a pretty long one so grab your coffee or your tea and join me if you want to know what I did and got for my B-day!

My birthday was actually on the 15th of February which was a Thursday and with the weekend ahead I thought I’d just have a “three days party” (aka extraness) to really celebrate it in a way I had never done before. So on the actual day of my birthday I decided to treat myself and go to a spa because besides sauna and steam room I had never tried anything spa related so I thought it was a good day to do that for the first time! I went to a place called QC Terme in Turin and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen all the pics and stories I posted (and if you haven’t, you can check my Instagram here so you can keep up with me since I am pretty active there!) that day because I really liked and enjoyed it there, I will definitely go back! If you want to see what they look like, you can also go to their website which is https://www.qcterme.com/it and also book your next visit there!

On the following day I actually did one of the things I religiously do every Friday which is playing pool. I love playing pool and since I started practicing it I’ve actually improved a lot so that keeps me motivated to play even more, plus many of my friends like that too so I decided to bring pizza for everyone (aka best friend ever ;P) to celebrate my birthday with all of them! It was lovely and I always have the best time with them. On Saturday night we also went out for dinner to a very lovely place called Antica Piazza delle Grida, which is of course an Italian-based kitchen where you can enjoy some very good and particular Italian food, something you don’t just cook or eat everyday.

Every one of us got something different and since I had never been there I wanted to try a bit of everything and I have to say: all of the things I tasted were sooooo good. I personally had margherita pizza with a twist which is some mozzarella di bufala on top and ricotta, basil and Grana (a kind of cheese) stuffed crust. Plus, I had fried squids which is a very typical Italian dish and we use to squeeze some lemon on top and oh… Drooling, right? Yeah, me too.. can’t wait to go back there again. For the dessert, we decided to “take it easy” and relax so we went to a friend’s house and had a crepes buffet which I have to say, I love crepes and I could eat tons of them but after that stuffed crust… I could barely walk ahaha BUT there’s always place for crepes and some good drinks and for my birthday I only wanted the best so I went for some Martini Bellini, which is a wine-based peach taste drink which oh, I love it and I could indulge and have the whole bottle but no kids, you don’t wanna do that!

Anyway, this actually leads to some of the presents I got for my birthday so get ready for some good stuff! Since my friends know me way too well, they chose to get me things based around prosecco. Yes, prosecco. If you’ve read one of my previous post or seen my Instagram, you know I love prosecco and it’s probably my fave to drink if there’s anything to celebrate (or just saturday…) so here’s what they got me:

1. Prosecco Lip Balm

Some months ago I didn’t even know this was a thing. I was looking for something prosecco based on Amazon because sometimes you can find some very nice goodies there and then this lip balm came out and I couldn’t not share it with my friend and – very smartly – she kept this in mind to gift it to me on my birthday. When I saw it I was sooo happy because I really wanted to try it and as soon as I took it out from the little box I couldn’t wait to smell and put it on my lips. It feels very soft from what I can say after one use only and it left my lips very hydrated and smooth but I will give you a proper review if it’s something you’re interested into!




2. Best Pillow Ever

Well, I thought they already slayed the gift game with that prosecco lip balm but they actually got me another thing which proves they know me better than anyone else and I might show you it straight away because it needs no words:




If this isn’t the best pillow ever I don’t know what is… I know it’s just a pillow but I am so happy about it because it really represents me so much and it’s just something very special for me that my friends looked for something that was so personal and just a so “me” type of thing. So yep, I am very happy about this. Plus, another present they gave me it’s actually another bottle of Martini Bellini so we had two! So good! Anyway, let’s continue with the other presents:

3. Marc Jacobs Set 

OK, this is another one of those present you are actually grateful for because I really wanted to try this one and the friend who got me this told me that since Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara is my fave then it would be a good idea for me to try something else from him, which is actually the reason why I wanted to try this set. Haven’t tried it properly yet but I am planning to eventually do a review on it, it’s basically a lip set based on neutral tones, so you have a nude lip pencil, a nude lipstick a lip gloss. Here’s a pic of the products:






4. Dylan Blue pour Femme Edp by Versace

It would not be my birthday if I didn’t get any perfume! My boyfriend knows that so well so he decided to get me the latest woman perfume by Versace which is the Dylan Blue pour Femme. I have only tried this one once which was for the Saturday dinner and I instantly loved it! This is just a first impression but it seemed to be a good perfume, very versace, so sexy and sweet. If you’re wondering, yes, a review of that will come soon but for now I can just say I really liked it for my birthday dinner and I freakin’ love the packaging… it’s so luxurious and it looks amazing in my showcase! This pic is from one of my Insta stories but I honestly think that’s how you showcase your perfumes! ahah




Ok, these are the gift my friends gave me BUT there also are some other ones I chose to get for myself because I really liked these pieces and they’re pretty much all fashion pieces which as you may know, I am trying to do a make over of my wardrobe and some of them were much needed! Let’s start with the “big piece” which is a long dress from Forever 21 that I wore for that Saturday dinner and I freakin’ loved it! It was actually so cheap but once you put it on it’s very elegant and definitely worth the money. I’ll link it here if you want to shop it, or you can just have a look at the picture down here:




This dress is exactly what I was looking for for my birthday because I wanted something elegant that I could also use afterwards and this one was the perfect find because 1. it was on sale and for just 17 euros I got an amazing dress which I will get lots of uses during the summer, plus the tulle is something it’s going to be very on trend for the next season and the black colour makes it elegant, neutral and just perfect for different occasions.

The next piece is going to be a pair of trousers which I have to say, I was very happy when I found these because they are from Zara’s New Trf Collection and guess what?! They were only 13 euros!

It is pretty unbelievable from Zara considering that newest pieces are always a bit pricier there but yeah, they fit so perfectly once you put them on and the print of it it’s very on trend for the new season, I think it’s elegant, sophisticated and modern so pretty happy with this purchase! If you want to check them out, I will insert the link here

Next things are two pair of heels – we know, heels are a girl’s best friend plus, if you buy two, it’s just wow! Anyway, the first pair is from Zara and if you’ve kept up with me on Instagram you may have seen I am officially obsessed with these! They fill my bright orange obsession up and those blue details.. I live for them.

I saw them on their website and I couldn’t wait to go to the store and try them on and let me tell you, they are so comfortable you don’t even have to worry about using pads or things that are supposed so help you when wearing heels! Plus they aren’t as tall as they look so this makes them even more comfortable. They were actually pretty expensive (around 56 euros) but whenever I see something expensive that I would like to buy I always think: is this something I will never find again? Is this so particular it’s worth spending these money? Well, as you can imagine, the answer was “yes!” because I think these are so unique, so beautiful and just perfect for the spring and summertime. I can’t wait to play with them and styling them in different outfits because they’re going to be used and abused!

Next pair is more on the basic side but with a twist:


As you can see, they are just a pair of black heels which I very much needed because I do not have one that fits properly and this pair actually seemed pretty comfortable and I loved the little detail on the back plus, for 20 euros, I think they are amazing! They are from a website called Stradivarius and you can click here if you want to check them

I wore them with that Forever 21 black dress and they looked perfect! I was going to wear the orange heels but I thought I needed something more classic to give that dress the look I was reaching for, which was something simple and elegant and I think these heels made their job pretty well!

Last, but absolutely not least… the most extra present I could give myself… A Versace coffee plate

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Being a coffee lover, especially the first one in the morning, and being the extra girl that I am, I absolutely needed this in my collection! When I first saw it, I couldn’t wait to get it! I still wanted to wait ’til my birthday because I thought it was the right occasion to treat myself to this beautiful and iconic piece and I truly feel like a princess everytime I use it. I got it from the Versace website (click here to have a look at it) and I love shopping on luxury brand websites because they offer you an amazing service, a very fast shipping and most of all beautiful and quality products. I love having something iconic into my collection and I think this one screams Versace from every part, being black and gold which are the two historical Versace colours. Of course, since I loved this one so much, I cannot wait now to expand my collection and give you a big haul of some of the Versace home collection items but for now, I hope you love this one as much as I do because it truly is an amazing piece!

So I think this is it for today’s post, what do think of the spa and my gifts? I loved everything, now the only question is: why does birthday comes only once a year?!

Well… I personally think you don’t have to wait ’til your birthday to spoil and treat yourself because every day is a great way to celebrate yourself!

I will talk to you guys on my next post, ’til then Lost of Love!


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  1. lambamsworld says:

    I am so happy you enjoyed your birthday like the princess you are, your gifts are so priceless and I must say , ur collection are so on point 👍👍👍👍. Keep slaying my lovely 😊

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    1. Oh thank you darling for your kind words and your constant support! ❤ Thank you so much! ❤

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      1. lambamsworld says:


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  2. chloeburford says:

    The marc jacobs lippie is so gorgeous!!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I find the lip pencil so good too!


  3. 3C Style says:

    Firstly… Happy belated Birthday! You’ve got some very beautiful gifts from your friends. The Prosecco lip balm and Marc Jacobs kit are awesome. Ooooh —I like your trousers very much! Can’t wait to see how you will style them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you arling, always very kind! ❤

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