Best Affordable Dupes for High End Shoes

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Today’s post is the result of hours and hours of me looking at the amazing high end shoes and praying that one day I will be able to afford them PLUS of me trying to solve the situation and trying to find some dupes! Don’t know why, but lately I have been so obsessed with shoes (more than ever) so I’ve been looking on all the affordable websites, at what they have to offer for the new season, a season in which bold, particular and unconventional shoes will definitely take over the most basic ones. Don’t get me wrong, I also love my basics, but right now I am really into bolder and extravagant shoes! You will find all of the links to the dupes at the end of the post so make sure to read ’til the end 😉

Let’s start with the famous Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers


When I first saw them, I thought they were going to go to the “ugly shoes” collection because they seemed so different from what the “cool sneakers” look like, I am talking about the Adidas Stan Smith ones, which were still so popular. Well, those Balenciaga ones may have been very different from what was popular at the moment but as we know, Anna Wintour said “Fashion is about looking forward” and this shoes are definitely the step forward into the sneakers game! Unfortunately though, they’re on the pricier side (well, they’re Balenciaga) so I thought, how’s the majority of the people going to be able to wear this very new and soon to be loved trend piece?

So as usual, I was on various websites and being a Zara lover, I always like to check theirs because they usually have lots of dupes for higher end shoes and also very interesting pieces to try! (Did you see my bright orange heels I got there?!) Lucky for everyone who’s going to love this trend, I found a perfect dupe and here they are:


As you can see, they’re an absolute perfect dupe and they’re much cheaper! For 49,95 €, you get to wear a trend that’s going to be very popular in the next months. I would pair this shoes with a very simple outfit, such as back culottes, maybe a turtleneck very chunky jumper and a very simple coat. I think these shoes are made to be noticed, so if you choose to get them, make sure you wear a simple neutral outfit so they will stand out even more. Since these came out, other brands like Prada have released similar pieces and they seem to be the new sneakers for everyone who likes to dare.

Let’s jump now into something more elegant but – in my opinion – definitely wearable and definitely LOVED! I am talking about the Dior J’adior Sling-back décolleté.


These exact ones are the more classic ones and they’re from the 2017 Summer Collection but they aren’t going anywhere, in fact Dior has made them in different colours and decorations for this year too and since they are a huge trend, other more affordable companies have made something similar too and I have found different websites where you can get something very similar without spending too much. Fro example, check this ones from Zara:


As you can see, these ones are very similar to the Dior ones and you can find both simple and neutral styles as well  as some bolder ones, such as the last one in the pictures. I really think this is the season to play with shoes and colours and honestly I could not be happier to try everything out! Other affordable websites have made something similar also, here are the next ones:


Oh… these ones are so lovely (and so affordable too!) Again very very similar to the Dior ones, these are from Stradivarius and I think these are almost a perfect dupe, and definitely wearable! What do you think about them?

I personally love these trends and I can say I am definitely obsessed with shoes, in fact I have some other to show you that I’m really looking forward to wear! Here they are (link to buy or to look at them are at the bottom of this post)

These next ones are very Chanel inspired because they’re made of tweed, which is definitely the signature fabric of Chanel. Here they are:


I find these very adorable, classic and chic and they definitely will give you that boss lady vibe! They also remind me of a classic pair Manolo Blahnik pumps, plus the Chanel vibe makes me want them even more!

The next ones are a dupes of the classic Chloe boots, which are very iconic being so different from any others, they are cow boy boots and obviously I found a dupe for you if you want to rock them, here they are:


They’re from Zara so you will definitely save some coins if you want to rock the Chloe boots trend without spending too much. What do you think of these? I think they are very on trend and I see more and more people rocking them!

What do you think about these pieces? I simply love and I think bold and iconic shoes are having their moment so can’t wait to actually enjoy some hotter days out and try some of those Dior dupes because they’re definitely my favourite out of all these! Which ones do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below and I can’t wait to hear from you! Also thank you to anyone who’s supporting me everyday in this journey, it means a lot to me so if you liked this post please subscribe to my blog as it means A LOT to me ❤

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I’ll talk to you next time, ’til then, lots of love! xx


Links to the products above:

Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers dupe:

Dior dupe pumps with pink detail:

Dior dupe black and white pumps :

Dior dupe black and yellow pumps :

Dior dupe red pumps:

Chanel inspired pumps:

Chloe inspired boots:



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