My February Favourites

Hello my lovelies! How are you? Hope you’re doing great 🙂

Today I am going to talk about my favourites of the months of February because I’ve been doing some purchases lately and there are some things I really like and want to share with you guys, hoping that you will be as excited as I am to find out what I’ve been loving this month; you will find fashion, beauty and home items so if you’re interested in that, let’s jump right into the good stuff! (I will link all of the item down below if you want to buy them)

1. Orange Heels

You’ve probably seen these heels everywhere both on my blog and my Instagram so if you follow me this is no surprise for you 😛 But these heels have honestly been one of my favourites since I first saw them on the Zara website.




They were 55,95 € and they’re made of real leather, that’s probably why they’re a bit more on the pricier side but I can guarantee you these are worth every single cent because first of all, whenever I find something so particular that I love I always think that it’s probably something I will never find again (because of the peculiarity basically) so I decided to try them on and I instantly knew I wanted them because they are so comfortable even if it doesn’t seem like that when you look at them but actually the heels are not as high as they seem and so they are a very fashionable, totally wearable and comfortable piece to have; I think I am going to get a lot of uses out of them and I can’t wait it’s actually spring time so I can rock all the colours I am now injecting into my wardrobe! If you’re wearing a subtler outfit, these are a great way to make it more interesting, plus I think this orange is going to be very on trend for the next season, so definitely a piece to add to your collection!

2. Neutral Boots


I’ve been looking for a pair of neutral boots like this for all winter long but I couldn’t find one that looked exactly how I wanted but one day I was at H&M looking for some bargain on the sale section and I found these which first of all, they are exactly the kind of colour I was looking for, they had a very reasonable heel and *drums roll* they were only 13 €! Can you believe it?! It was such a steal and when I tried them on I instantly loved how they looked and especially how they fitted so I didn’t think twice before getting them, though I have to say I had to wear them a couple of times before they were perfectly comfortable for my feet but now they have become my go to pair of boots because they go with everything and make any outfit just a bit more chic.

3. Zara Pants

If you’ve read the post about my birthday you know I got these ones as a present for myself on my birthday and I think they quite reflect what I always want to achieve when dressing up: chic, cool and elegant. These ones were actually soooo affordable, in fact they were only 13 € which again is a surprise considering they’re from the Zara new collection. I believe they belong to the “special price” collection but I instantly loved them because they fit perfectly, they re comfortable and they just reflect the kind of style I like, plus I really love the pattern which I think is going to be very on trend this season.

4. Baïja Cosmetique Creams


These two creams have been in my collection for two months now but I haven’t reach for them as much as I’ve done recently, maybe because they have a very springy smell; one is a body cream and the other one is a hands cream and they’re from this brand called Baïja Cosmetique and they belong to the “Été à Syracuse” line which instantly made me curious, first of all because of the smell which is orange blossom, a fragrance I’ve been loving lately and one I’m trying to use more this spring, plus Siracusa is a city in Sicily which is where I’m originally from! Would you guys like to read a review on them? Because I would love to give you some more details on them!

5. Prosecco Lip Balm

If you follow my blog, you’ve probably read my review about it (I’ll link it down below for everyone who hasn’t read it yet) and since I got it I’ve been using it every time I need some moisture on my lips and if you want to read what I think about it please check my blog post where I give you a full detailed review about this product

2018-02-27 08.27.32 1.jpg

6. Rituals “The Ritual of Dao” Calming Bed and Body Mist


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I was the lucky winner of the Rituals Cosmetics Home contest and this was one of the prizes I got: it’s basically a white lotus and yi yi ren body a bed mist that’s supposed to be calming and relaxing; I’ve been trying this one every night since the day I got it and I have to say I love the smell of this one, it instantly reminds me of fresh air in the forest, a very nice and fresh breeze… Spraying some on my body has become one of my rituals and I make sure I never skip this one because it’s such a nice treat before going to bed, I really reccomend it to you if you want to spoil yourself a bit before going to bed.

7. Rituals Cosmetics Goji Berry Candle


I wish you could smell this one through your screen because it has one of the most awesome smells I’ve ever felt… from the packaging to the candle itself, this item screams luxury and the smell is such an elegant one, so pure and clean. I received this one along with the bed and body spray as the prize of the Home Contest and I’m absolutely planning to buy some other candles from their Private Collection as I’ve really enjoyed this one during some pamper routines. I know I haven’t talk about home decor too much on my blog, but I’m planning to write something as I refresh it for the spring time and I think this candle is going to be the main character of pamper routines or just relaxing moments.

8. Versace “I Love Baroque” Collection Small Plate

Last but absolutely not least, another gift from me to me for my birthday. I’ve wanted this one since I first saw it and I thought my birthday was just the right occasion to spoil myself. I’ve actually talked about it in my birthday post which if you want to read it I will link it down below at the end of this post. There’s not much to say about this precious home item except the fact that I love it so much. I know it’s such an extra thing to have just for your coffee time, but as you know I LOVE COFFEE and I thought I would just make it more special and extra by using this plate and I can’t be happier about this purchase… it’s such a precious item to me and I can’t wait to expand my collection!



I think this is it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you like monthly favourites post, as I’m planning to write one every month 🙂

Also, is there any kind of post you enjoy reading the most? Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything in particular you want to read about and I’ll try to to do my best!

Thanks for reading and for supporting my blog so much lately, I really enjoy writing on here, my blog and the fact that there are people who enjoy my post means so much to me. I’ll talk to you guys on my next post, ’til then, lots of Love! Bye xx


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Links to all of the products above:

Orange heels from Zara ->

I’m sorry but I do not have the link fro the boots from H&M because II got them quite a while ago while they were on sale and they do not have them anymore!

Zara pants ->

Body Cream ->

Hand Cream ->

Prosecco Lip Balm ->

Rituals Bed and Body Mist ->

Rituals Goji Berry Candle ->

Versace plate ->

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  1. chloeburford says:

    The orange heels are STUNNING!xx

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    1. They are 😍 I am obsessed with them


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