Basics and “New Basics”: Complete Guide To Refresh Your Wardrobe with under 50 € Pieces

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog and if you’re new, thanks for stopping by!

Today I am going to show you some fashion pieces I’ve seen while trying to refresh my wardrobe and my goal was to find some that were under 50 euros, which sometimes can be tough but I’ve managed to find some interesting ones. I am going to show you items for every kind of piece of clothing you could wear and give you some tips on how to make a basic piece something interesting and fun to wear!

These two tips that can help you save A LOT of money and as well as to get the best of what you spend when you shop for fashion pieces and accessories:

1. LOOK FOR BASIC PIECES. This can actually sound obvious and maybe not interesting for someone who’s looking to keep up with all the trends, but basic pieces are really the base of your outfit, they are those pieces that will actually make the trendier and more detailed pieces of your outfit stand out more and give them the right space. Plus, most of the times basic pieces are cheaper than trendier ones because, well, sometimes they’re less demanded that trendier ones but of course because there are less details or peculiarities on them and we know that most of the time we pay something for just that little detail that’s making us want that coat or that pair of shoes more than anything else. Basic pieces are also something you should invest in more because being them basics they will always be on trend and so every year you can use them and that’s why you need to get a bunch of them and invest in good ones that look good on you.

2. LOOK FOR THE “NEW BASICS”. Ok, as I’ve mentioned in some previous posts, sometimes it’s good to refresh your wardrobe and go for something different, just because if you’re a fashion addicted it’s almost impossible to ignore that basic pieces are now being renewed (and sometimes replaced) and there are some fabrics, some textures and some colours that are very “en vogue” on the runway and they are now slowly but surely making their way into our usual shops and websites and since I am ready and most of all super excited to welcome something new into my wardrobe, I thought I would show you some “new basics” – as I like to call them -, pieces that will become a statement over the next few months and I think that whether you like basics or more extravagant items, these following will be the ones you should definitely think of including into your spring wardrobe, if you want to save some coins but also want to keep up with the trends. (As always, I will link the products at the end of the post so you can shop them if you want to!)


1. Black and White Plaid Pants


These pants are from Stradivarius and they’re only 19,99 €! I believe that these are definitely something to own and rock this spring because I think this kind of print and these trousers are one of those “new basics” I was talking earlier in this post: usually, a basic pair of trousers would be black, white, beige or gray-ish with a very classical and sartorial cut; I think that if you want to give your basics collection a little twist these ones are the right occasion for you: they are super affordable, very on trend and most of all they go super well with something more particular and coloured. As you can see, the style of this is very classic and also the colours, black and white, are the two colours that go with everything and the classic style of the pants combined with this trendier print si definitely the right combo to be trend on a budget! (They come with the little belt too!)

2. Plain Coloured Jumpers – with a twist

Talking about basic pieces, we know that the main feature of those is the colour, which is one that can go with everything. I wear jumpers a lot because I think they are a super good way to stay comfortable and I most of the time go with basic ones, since I wear them very often. Sometimes, indeed, besides being comfortable I also want to look a bit more interesting and fun without putting too much effort and if this is your case too, there is my tip: for those pieces you wear a lot, try to look for different versions of them. For example, let’s take a look at this jumper:


This jumper is from Bershka and it’s again only 19,99 €!

As you can see, the shape, the cut and the colour of it are very simple and basic; what makes this piece a bit more interesting are those see-through stripes all along it. If you’ve kept with with all the latest fashion shows or trends, you’ve probably seen that see through materials such as tulle or chiffon have been something designers have reached for a lot and as strange as it may seem, this feature is something really delicate and feminine to add to your outfit, if you wear it wisely. This jumper doesn’t look too revealing and I think because of the colour and the see through detail, this can be a very nice piece to make your outfit very feminine, simple, clear but still interesting and on trend.

3. Body


This is a very basic piece but I always reach for these ones when I want to rock a beautiful blazer (I love blazers so much!) because when you wear a blazer you don’t want anything chunky underneath otherwise it’s not going to look good. So if you’re like me and you like to wear blazers and make them stand out, a very nice and good fitting body is the way to go. This one above is from Intimissimi and again it’s only 19,99 € and it comes in nude, black and white. I’ve already underlined the importance of choosing good quality and good fitting basics and this one from Intimissimi is definitely high quality and super comfortable and when it comes to underwear, I think Intimissimi is one of the best out there. If you don’t know it, it’s an italian underwear brand and I highly suggest you to check their website because they have the best basics but also very nice and feminine pieces of lingerie for you.

4. Statement Blazer

As I said earlier, I love wearing blazers and so for me it’s very important to choose very particular ones because I want them to stand out whenever I am wearing it. To be completely honest with you, it has been a bit difficult for me to find one a really nice one that’s under 50 € but again, if you’ve got a budget you gotta respect it and so I’ve ACTUALLY found a very good one that’s not so basic and it still makes your outfit interesting.


This one is from Stradivarius and, believe it or not, it’s only 25,99 €! I have got this one and I’ve reached for it in many occasions because again, it’s a very simple one and the base colours are black and white bug that pop of dark red makes it a good way to inject some colours into your outfit, which you can also match with your bag or your shoes. Plus, this is a perfect example of wearing “new basics”, because this kind of print is going to be there this spring as well.

I also think blazers are a good way to elevate your outfit because they instantly make you look more professional and put together, so investing in good ones is a must for me and sometimes I like to spend a little bit more if it’s necessary to have a very particular one, because I am more a collector of them. If you would like to check some really nice blazers let me know because I could write an entire post about them!

5. “New Basic” Trench Coat


This one is from Zara and it’s slightly over the 50 € budget (59,95 €) but you probably recognize this kind of print if you’re familiar with Burberry, or better, with the twist Burberry has given its statement print: in fact, during the Burberry’s latest fashion show, this brand came up with something different than the usual print and this coat has a very similar one so if you’re that kind of “new basic”, this coat could be the one for you. We’ve seen the “camel coat” trend all over the places this last winter and I personally loved that because I am really into neutral coats but I think that if I had to change that, this is something I would go for.

When it comes to a piece like a coat or a jacket, I always make sure I get something that can go good with anything. I do not own many of them, but I am pretty sure that every one I own is a good pair to everything in my wardrobe because honestly, coats are pretty expensive and one can not always afford to have different coats for any outfit I wear (but if you do, I envy you girl! or boy!) so if this is the case for you too, my tip is to get something that you love and think that goes good with pretty much any outfit in your wardrobe!

6. Shoes: the more, the merrier.

If you’ve read my latest fashion posts you know that I am really really into shoes right now (I recently wrote a post about the best affordable dupes for high end shoes, I will link it down below if you’re interested in reading that) and I think they’re definitely a good way to make a basic outfit interesting and as I’m seeing the kind of shoes various brands are releasing, I can’t help but to think shoes are really pieces to collect because many particular kinds are coming out, making me think that adding a pop of trend to a classic pair of shoes can make them look totally different. Let’s see these ones, for example:


These three pair of shoes aren’t too crazy or different from any shape of shoes we usually see but they all look particular and they definitely stand out if you give them the right value on your outfit. What makes these shoes particular is that they all have something that’s very on trend, even thou they are pretty much as we’re used to see everyday. As

First pair  is a basic white flat pair of shoes but they look very interesting to me because first of all, I love the contrast between black and white, I think it reflects a very contemporary style. Something that’s very on trend as well is the written on it: we’ve seen text T-shirts everywhere and I think they look pretty amazing on this pair because they make it look more fun and youthful. This one is from Bershka and its only 20,99 € at the moments because it’s on mid season sale!

Second pair is a more classical one and I think that this low heel trend is either something you love or you hate. I personally love it and I think it makes a classic décolleté even more elegant and feminine. Again, we’ve seen this shape everywhere but the interesting part about this pair is the tweed fabric: by now you probably know Chanel is THE brand when it comes to tweed and I think since everyone has seen it on their runway it has now become something very popular, yet not wearable for every body. I think that this details makes this pumps even more beautiful with that designer detail and for 39,99 € I think we’ve found something good to add to the collection!

Last but not least, high heels. These ones, as you can see, are classical summer heels and I personally love this shape where there’s a high chunky heel without plateau, even thou I understand it’s not very comfortable. They are from Public Desire and you can find these on Asos and they retail for 35,99 €.

These may have again a classical shape but they have these Yeezy detail, which you know by now it’s very typical from them to create plastic shoes and we’ve seen every Kardashian rocking this trend. I honestly think that, unless you don’t wear a pair of plastic boots, this trend can be very wearable indeed for open shoes like this because they are something every “basics” lover should have. It’s an interesting and contemporary detail which is now used for piece of clothing too.

What do you think of new basics? Do you like them or do you prefer to stick to the classic ones?

Let me know you thoughts in the comment section below, thanks for reading my post and I will see you next time, bye! xx



  1. Black and white pants:
  2. White see-through Jumper:
  3. Intimissimi Body:
  4. Stradivarius Blazer:
  5. Burberry dupe Trench Coat:
  6. White flat shoes:
  7. Chanel dupe pumps:
  8. Yeezy dupe heels:

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