Rituals Cosmetics “The Ritual of Hammam” Body Scrub and Body Cream Review

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog, hope you are doing well!

Today I am here to talk about two products I’ve been using in the past few months by Rituals Cosmetics and they are a body scrub and a body cream. If you don’t know, Rituals Cosmetics is a dutch brand and it’s I think the first brand that I’ve ever come across that sells both beauty and home products. The whole idea of this brand is that we have rituals everyday in our life and all their products are designed to make every ritual even more meaningful and joyful to live and that’s why they have different collections, such as the Ritual of Sakura, The Ritual of Dao, The Ritual of Ayurveda… a collection for every ritual. The great thing about these two products is that once you finish them, you can buy them separately from the packaging because they sell refills too, so there’s no waste!

If you follow my blog, you’ve probably heard of this brand already since I’ve been talking about them in previous posts but today I am here to tell you what I think about these products and this brand, which to me has been nothing less than a great discovery. If you’re interested in my review then please follow me for today’s post!

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2018-03-21 08.24.27 2.jpg

This body scrub comes in this beautiful teal jar with a deep golden lid. I really want to spend few words on the packaging because I think it’s really gorgeous… the colour combo, the cure for details… it definitely has a luxurious spa vibe and believe me, I didn’t know anything about this specific product but I loved the packaging so that’s why I got it at first!

This has 450 g of product in it (15.8 O.z.) and retails for 19,50 € which I think it’s pretty great considering the amount you get and the Ritual of Hammam is a cleansing based ritual so this is a purifying scrub, basically. It’s made with sea salt and it has a warming ginger and eucalyptus smell. I usually never go for these kind of scents just because I prefer something more floral but again, I loved the packaging so much that I couldn’t resist getting it (it also goes super well with my bathroom furniture so even if I finish it I still like to display it!)

2018-03-21 08.24.26 2.jpg


On the packaging it says that it’s a purifying scrub that’s supposed to leave your skin with a wonderful tingling effect.


I’ve been using this body scrub since I got it and let me tell you: your expectations will not be disappointed. As every body scrub, I like to wet my skin with warm water to open up my pores and clean them and this one is super great for that: besides all the sea salt flakes which do the scrubbing effect, there are also amazing oils in this so you can actually feel that your skin is being hydrated and nourished while in the shower! It also gives you that tingling effect and I think that’s because of the salt flakes which work super great. Did you know salt is great for that?! They use it in the spas as well because it’s very good for your skin!

Anyway, as you massage it, you can fell all the salt flakes melting into your skin and eventually you will be feeling the oils. I like leave the scrub on and massage all the oils for a good while and then I will rinse everything off.

To me, the great thing about this body scrub is that, unlike many scrubs, it doesn’t leave your skin dry and uncomfortable.

Would I reccommend this product to you? ABSOLUTELY YES! I think that for the amount of product you get and the quality of it, it’s absolutely worth it. I have tried The Ritual of Sakura body scrub as well and that one smelled so heavenly so I can’t wait to try others!


2018-03-21 08.28.27 2.jpg

This body cream comes in a similar jar as the body scrub, except that the colour of this is a bit deeper and there’s a wooden lid. How cool is that? I thought that, as well as the body scrub, this body cream has an amazing packaging! Again, it looks like it comes from a luxurious spa and overall I think that these are the kind of packaging you want to display because they look so beautiful!

This one has 220 ml (7.4 Fl. Oz) of product in it and it’s 17,50 €.

When you first open the body cream, there’s a plastic foil to protect the cream from external bacterias and I like to keep it for that. This one has organic fresh eucalyptus and rosemary in it which again, it’s not a usual choice of mine but as for the body cream, I love the smell of this! It reminds me of a luxurious spa so every time I apply it I definitely get into the pamper mood!

2018-03-21 08.24.25 2.jpg


This is supposed to be a rich and nourishing body cream that leaves your skin feeling silky and soft.


If you have dry skin on your body you know that it’s very important to find a product that actually moisturizes your skin, something rich but not heavy and uncomfortable. For me at least, this has been quite a struggle because often times, if I find a very nourishing body cream then it is too heavy and doesn’t feel good on the skin afterwards.

What I’ve noticed with this body cream is that is is super thick and once you apply it on you need to take your time to spread it because being it very hydrating and nourishing you need to massage it to allow your skin to absorb it. Once you’ve done that you can feel that your skin is actually soft and it lasts so long.

I guess I can say I am pretty happy with these products! They do what they promise and if you’re someone who likes to use these during special days like pampering days, you will be able to enjoy these for a long time! I’ve been having these for almost four months and only now I’m starting to running out of them. I usually use them 2 or 3 times a week and it really helps in maintaining my skin in a healthy state, Can’t wait to try others because so far I’ve been loving every product from this brand!

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Have you ever tried any Rituals Cosmetics products? I think you definitely have to keep an eye on them because everything is pretty affordable and worth your money if you think that these are such good products!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and hopefully I will see you on my next post, bye! xx


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  1. lambamsworld says:

    Thank you for this post as I have been looking for a new body scrub for alternative to my sanctuary products. Will definitely get this product. Smiling and waving to you hon:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanka for reading honey, so glad I’ve inspired you! ❤ if you like more floral scents then I can suggest you the Ritual of Sakura body scrub! I’ve tried that one too and it’s so great as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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