Today is a good day to treat yourself better. #MotivationSeries

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It’s been a long time since I don’t upgrade my #MotivationSeries category, but when I started it I didn’t plan to write on it regularly, just because I think that – on a real level – true motivation doesn’t happen regularly or, better saying, you can’t plan when you’re going to be super motivated. For me, true motivation is something you feel on a certain moment and then, if you want to keep it, you have to work really hard on it.

I’ve recently started working out again, after a long time not doing it. Maybe it’s the spring, the sun coming out again and bringing some warmer days… but lately, I’ve been started connecting with my deepest self again (this is how I like to call it). And it feels great. It’s not always, as I said, that I feel truly and deeply inspired and lately I have really thinking about what was I missing that made me feel detached from some real motivation and as I was thinking, I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t really connected to my body.

And I knew this because last time I felt so good, so motivated and just more active was when I seriously started working out. To me, working out doesn’t only mean that I do exercises for one hour a day and then behaving like I’m not spending that hour working on myself. Working on yourself is something you should take very seriously and sometimes we forget to do that, or we think we are doing that but we actually aren’t. Working on yourself means that everyday you try to wake up earlier to get shit done, to make the best of your time, to use your time consciously. This is something I think that contemporary life can sometimes take away from yourself and I totally get it because I experience it myself; there are people who are busy enjoying a wealthy life, there are people who are busy working hard to get the next step on their carrier and then there’s people, like me, who struggle with even finding a job. Some people may envy me because I’ve got so much free time to relax and do nothing, but I actually think that if you don’t know how to make the best of that free time then you’re just wasting it.

I totally get that, as mentioned, it’s not easy to always be or stay motivated, and I’ll tell you why: I don’t believe that everything comes from your mind, or that you have to have the right mindset. As I said, I really knew the right mindset because I already experienced it, but it wasn’t until I really felt it in my heart that I actually started changing. And I think it’s great.

I think that working out has been the way for me to really connect my mind and my body and when those two work together, I think you can be pretty unstoppable.

Usually people wait for the 1st day of the month, or for Monday, to start whatever they wanna start. But I actually think that TODAY, whatever day it may be, is a good day to treat yourself better.



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  1. Nidha says:

    Love! Check out my blog x

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  2. lambamsworld says:

    This is so amazing and motivating! Thank you for those valuable lines 😘

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