My March Favourites (everything under 30 €!)

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog!

Today, as per usual at the end of the month, I am going to talk to you about my favourites of the month of March which I have to say there’s not many, but trust me: these following items have been receiving so much love lately and I wanted to share them with you because everything in this post is super affordable too so definitely check them out because they’re worth your money! I will link everything at the end of this post so you can shop them if you want to 😉

The first item I want to talk about is a pair of trousers that I’ve been looking for a lot, in fact I talked about them in one of my fashion related post which I will link down below for you if you want to read it.

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If you’ve read that post already, you know that this print is very on trend right now and I think we can still consider this as a basic piece because of the colours and the style of them, in fact I’ve been wearing these a lot and they actually fit quite well and you know what? They’re only 19,90 €! I got them from Bershka and if I can find them online I will leave the link down below. Trust me, you can get a lot of uses out of them and everytime I’ve worn them I’ve always received compliments on how they look and how they fit. 😉

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The next favourite of mine is still a fashion piece and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen that I’ve been wearing these A LOT since I got them.

I was looking for a pair of shoes like these for a while now because I love to wear a décolleté but we know that high heels can be quite painful and uncomfortable to wear if you have to keep them all day or for a longer time; I opted for these ones because they still look nice and elegant but definitely more comfortable since they have a significantly lower heel; plus, this kind of heel is also very trendy right now, not to mention that pastel colours are having a huge moment right now… I think that all these features make this pair of slingback one of the must have pieces for spring.

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Next piece are these beautiful sunglasses that I’m sure you’ve seen everywhere on Instagram because they are very popular right now:

2018-03-28 03.07.44 3.jpg

I saw these and I instantly fell in love with them because they have such an original shape, plus I was looking for a new pair of sunglasses so I started looking for a place where to shop them and I came across this Instagram page which is called @theamerald and they sell them! It’s actually an accessories store and they have all fun, trendy and super affordable stuff! These sunglasses where only 8 £ which I think is absolutely great! I have to be honest, for that price point I wasn’t expecting nothing super great but they actually look gorgeous! The quality seems a lot better so if you’re interested in those then I highly suggest you getting them on their website!

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Last but not least, a skin care item: The Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub.

I’m already a big fan of the Original Coffee Scrub by Frank Body and since I’ve been using it up, I needed to get a new one so I started look at other option just to try something different and I found out about the Coconut one, which is supposed to be hydrating and the Shimmer One (!!). If you shop them on their website, you can actually purchase a box with two mini sized (100 gr insted of 200 gr) and I thought that this was perfect since I wanted to try both.

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I’m actually loving the Coconut one because it still has the scrubbing effect of the coffee but it’s also hydrating because of the coconut. I usually apply body cream anyway, but with this one I find that it can leave your skin soft without the need to apply a body cream afterward. Definitely check that out if you’re into scrubs! As you probably know, Frank Body body scrubs are 100% natural and you can use them both on your body and your face, which I often do and love this scrub for that purpose too!

2018-04-03 08.16.22 2.jpg

And this is actually it guys! I know there’s not many but these are the ones I’ve been truly loving lately!

What is the number one favourite of yours of the month of March? Let me know in the comments down below so I can check them!

Hopefully I will see in you in my next one, thanks for reading guys! Bye xx


Links to the products above:

Bershka trousers: can’t find them online but I’m linking some similar ones! (Both under 30 €) and

Zara slingback:

The Amerald Kimberly Sunglasses:

Frank Body Coconut Scrub:

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