How To Make any Nail Polish Last Longer (Affordable Nail Polish Routine)

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to teach you guys some tricks on how to make ANY simple nail polish last longer because as much as I love going to a nail salon I find that going there every single month can be pretty expensive so I found out a way to make my nails look nice for a longer time without spending that much. Actually, you’re only going to need two very affordable products (plus your nail polish of choice) for this, nothing too expensive or difficult to find!

I also want to mention that I’ve tried these  several times to make sure it’s not just the nail polish I’m using that’s so good to last longer; I actually made sure that the other two products I use are the key to the long lasting nail polish. If you’re interested in this, please join me as I’ll explain you these simple tricks!

2018-04-06 01.59.54 1.jpg

What you need:

A nail polish of your choice

A transparent nail polish (mine looks a bit red because I often use it on top of red nail polish :P)

A clear nail polish (I have got this nail growth booster one, but any clear nail polish will be fine)

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How to Proceed

Just like when you apply make up to your face, your nails need to be primed as well so the first step is to apply a layer of transparent nail polish onto your nails and let it dry. Once the first layer is dried, apply a second one and let it dry too. Make sure you don’t ruin it because you need your base to be nice and smooth.

Once that’s dry, the fun part: apply your nail polish of choice! I often go with a red one because I love the classical and sophisticated look it gives to your hand, but definitely go with any colour you like!

2018-04-06 01.59.52 1.jpg

I decided to go for this deep red which is called “My Superhero” by Sephora Collection. Apply your nail polish as usual, let it dry, and go for a second layer. This not only makes sure that the colour looks rich, but also insures a fuller and longer lasting coverage.

Once you have the base, you need to secure everything in place and to achieve this I go with another layer of transparent nail polish and this step is very important because 1. It creates a sort of protective barrier for the nail polish and 2. It makes them look nice and shiny which I love!

Last but not least, you need to use the clear nail polish: the one I have is a nail growth booster one and it’s clear, but any clear nail polish that doesn’t cover the colour underneath will be fine. With this one, I’ve found that not only my nail polish lasts nicer and longer.

2018-04-06 01.59.50 1.jpg

And this is literally it! I can guarantee you these tricks do work because I’ve tried this routine many times and it has never disappointed me.

Let me know in the comments below if you will try this and how you like it!

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will see you in my next post, bye! xx





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