My Routine for Soft, Glowy and Beach Ready Skin.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Summer is just around the corner and so are beach days! What better than showing off a soft and glowy skin with a simple and quick and affordable routine that you can easily repeat at home everyday if you want to?

Well, if this sounds like something you’re interested in please follow me as I take you through the steps of my routine for a soft and glowy beach ready skin with some of my favourite products plus some new ones that I’ve been testing out and enjoyed lately! I will link all of the products at the end of this post so you can shop them if you feel inspired.

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For the first step of this routine you will only need a razor; then just hop in the shower and shave your body as per usual.


After you’re done shaving you need to scrub and here comes one of my favourite steps because as you probably know by now I love to use body scrubs several times a week and one I think is perfect for this routine is the Frank Body Shimmer scrub: you know I am obsessed with Frank Body products and when they came out with a shimmer version of their coffee scrub I absolutely needed to have it! I think it’s the perfect one during the summer time because it ACTUALLY has glitter in it to leave your body glowy and also soft and nourished as you rub it in and the oils absorb! What I do is I apply the scrub all over my body on damp skin (remember to dampen it with warm water so your pores open and the scrub really works at its best) and then I’ll leave it on so my skin can absorb all the oils and then after few minutes I’ll rinse it off to reveal a soft and radiant skin!

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Once I’m done scrubbing, the next thing I’ll do is washing my body. I’ve recently got sent some products by Bath House (thank you so much! <3) which is a beauty company based in Cumbria, England. They are artisans of natural beauty so all of their product have got natural ingredients in them! This particular one that I’m going to talk to you about is made with 98 % of natural ingredients. Yay!

Amongst these products there is a body wash which I’ve been enjoying a lot and it is their Frangipani and Grapefruit body wash which has aloe vera, jasmine extract orange and lemon oils in it! As you can imagine, the smell of this is just one of my favourite ones because I love the combination between floral and citrusy scent so this has quickly become my favourite body wash. I’ve been using it everyday since I got it and I can guarantee you the smell of it lasts for so long even after you rinse it off!

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The fourth step still happens in the shower and it’s a very quick but important one! I often use body oils in the shower to make my dry skin softer and this time I’m including this step into this routine to make the skin even softer. I think I’ve already talked about this shower oil in my blog before and it’s the Rituals Cosmetics caring shower oil and this particular one I’m using at the moment is the Ritual of Ayurveda one which has indian rose and almond oil in it. This one is a very crucial step to me because even before applying a body cream this step helps you achieving a very soft skin already.

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Last but not least, you need to apply a body cream and this is the most important step to achieve that glow because guess what? Bath House also has one of the most perfect body cream to achieve that glow because it literally has flakes of gold glitter in it and I can guarantee you, they show off on the skin!

This magical product is the “Heaven is” Body Soufflé Shimmer with camelina seed oil and orchid flower complex. First of all, all of the products I have received from Bath House have an incredible long lasting smell and I have to be honest, it’s not often that you can actually smell a body cream on you because once you massage it on it tends to last for a bit and then it’s gone but I swear with this body cream you can actually smell it all day long!

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If you look very closely you can actually see the gold glitters in it and they will definitely show off once you apply the product! I think this can be a perfect summer cream especially when you got a bit of tan of so the glitters can really stand out and reveal a radiant skin. I literally have no words to describe how much I love this body cream and I am sure you will love it too! If you want to see it a bit more in action please head over my Instagram where I’m posting videos of it 😉

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And this is it for my routine guys! I hope you enjoyed this five step routine which can seem pretty long but I can guarantee you it’s very quick and simple and you can actually do it everyday if you feel too!

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Thanks everyone for reading and for everyone who supports me everyday! I love you ❤

Will hopefully see you in my next one, bye! xx

Frank Body Shimmer Scrub:

Bath House Frangipani and Grapefruit Body Wash:

Rituals Cosmetics “Ritual of Ayurveda” Shower caring oil:

Bath House Body Soufflè Shimmer:


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