Herbivore Botanicals “Blue Clay” Soap Bar Review

Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog and if you’re new Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate every single one of you who stops here and reads my review, it really makes my day!

Today I’ve got some exciting news because as you saw from the title, I am going to review one of Herbivore Botanicals’ products which, as you may know, is one of the most popular and hyped brands right now and if you’re on Instagram you’ve probably seen their products on every #shelfie because besides being very aesthetically pleasing they apparently are very good too!

A LITTLE STORY ABOUT HOW I GOT MY HANDS ON THIS PRODUCT (if you want to jump directly to the review, scroll down to read it)

Living in Italy, most of the times it’s very difficult to get my hands on certain brands and products and Herbivore Botanicals was one of these; I shared a pic of one of their products on my Instagram stories where I tagged them and said that I wanted to try something but unfortunately it was very difficult for me to find them so they were very kind and said that I could order them from Space NK to get a fast and easier delivery to Italy! I was at (Pink ;)) cloud nine… and I know that when I am so hyped about a certain brand I could go on a crazy shopping adventure and eventually spend everything I have… so knowing that, I decided to go for something I really needed and suited me and here’s what I came up with: the Blue Clay soap bar. And, finally, my review on it.


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The Blue Clay soap bar comes in a very nice and minimalistic unit carton which I personally find very nice and coherent with the brand: Herbivore Botanicals, as you can probably guess from the name, makes all natural products with very simple ingredients and I think that choosing a minimalistic packaging is very appropriate for that. Speaking of the ingredients, here’s the full list of them, as written on the packaging:

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As you can read, this soap bar is made with nothing but natural products and I think that this is very important because not only it’s good for you skin, but it’s also accessible to pretty much everyone (they also don’t test their products on animals, yay!)

Inside you get 113 g (4 oz) of products and it has a 12 month expiring date. The soap bar itself has a sort of green-ish/blue-ish colour which you can’t probably see now because I’ve been using it up and once yon smell it you can feel a mix between a delicate citrusy – natural clay smell which I personally really enjoy!

2018-05-16 12.24.09 1.jpg

The Blue Clay soap bar retails for 12 $ on their website and 10£ on Space NK which is where I got it. I think the price is pretty reasonable considering that many other soaps or face cleansers can sometimes retail for a much higher price.

The main ingredient is of course Cambrian blue clay which is a rare clay found in Siberian lakes and it has clarifying and balancing properties. Reading on their website, it says that this bar soap has a non-drying formula which is ideal for normal to combination skin types.

I would usually go for something a bit “heavier” because I generally have very oily skin but since I’ve been experiencing drier spots on my face I decided to go for something a bit more gentle and I have to say I made the right decision. This bar soap is very simple to use (you use it as every other bar soaps – just wash you face with some warm water to open the pores, then lather with warm between the hands and finally apply it your face or body. Rinse it with lukewarm of cold water to close the pores and that’s it: simple as that!)

I’ve been testing this soap bar for a while now and the first thing I can say is that it really does what it says: it’s perfect for combination skin because once you’ve washed your face you can clearly see that it really cleans it very well and gives you that slight drying effect but not to the point where you can’t move your face (as it happens when products have alchool in it): it’s perfect for combination skin because it dries out the excess oil while keeping the face soft, clean without an uncomfortable feel. Unlike other products, this hasn’t made my skin break out and that’s a great thing for me because I pretty much stick with the same products for a long time if they’re good for my skin and sometimes trying new ones is a bit scary for everyone but this time that didn’t happen: my skin has been doing good since I’ve used it and I actually prefer this soap bar over other products because having oily skin I need something that dries out my face a little bit but I don’t want to put alchool on it so that’s why I’m loving this soap bar so much: it really works for combination skin because it’s balancing and gives me the perfect amount of “dryness” without me having to use alchool based products: my face is very happy about that!

Would I reccommend this product? Absolutely yes! If you want to try something from Herbivore Botanicals, then this can be a good start because it’s pretty affordable for how it lasts and performs. I know there are many other exciting products about this brand and I can’t wait to put my hands on them! But a girl has to save some coins otherwise goes bankrupt! 😀 One thing I would say is that not every Herbivore Botanicals product is affordable, in fact I think it can be a little tough to complete the collection, if you want a very instagrammable shelf, along with a completely natural skincare range. But I guess that once in a while you can indulge in their beautiful products and see how you like them! With that being said, I can’t wait to place my next order and give you my thoughts on something else as well!

I hope you enjoyed my review and please follow my blog if you did, I would really appreciate that!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you on my next blog post as well, bye!! xx

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