Rituals Cosmetics “Fleurs de l’Himalaya” Eau de Parfum Review

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog and if you’re new, hi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Today there’s going to be another perfume review and I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve done one but I feel like testing perfumes can be a little bit tricky sometimes, especially because I tend to collect them and so I don’t wear the same one everyday.

Anyway, today I am going to talk to you about a recent find by Rituals Cosmetics. I talk about them a lot on my blog, simply because I have tons of their products which I use and enjoy pretty much everyday.

So today I decided to talk to you about this new fragrance I’ve been trying out and it’s the Rituals Cosmetics “Fleurs de l’Himalaya” Eau de Parfum.

2018-05-23 02.56.14 1.jpg

This perfume comes in two sizes: one is a travel size and it has 10 ml (0.3 Fl. Oz.) of product in it and retails for 9,50 € while the full size has 50 ml of product in it and retails for 39,00 €. I personally think these prices are very fair because usually perfumes retail for higher prices so speaking about the prices I can already say they’re pretty ok!

I had never tried Rituals Cosmetics fragrances before so I decided to go for the travel size to test it out and of course I went for a very floral scent. This one, in fact, has wild orchid and himalayan peony scents in it.

The travel size one doesn’t come in a unit carton but you still get a very cute and elegant sealed packaging which I think it’s very good and professional for them.

The fragrance itself comes in this cute little light pink glass bottle with the name of the brand on the bottom and what I really like about this packaging is the actual top which is made of light washed wood and it has “Rituals…” engraved on it which is definitely a cute detail for such a low price.

2018-05-23 02.56.16 1.jpg

When you first open it, you can already smell the fragrance and my first impression was that this is a very peculiar one because you can absolutely tell it’s such a different fragrance. The floral scent is very strong but also delicate, so I think they did a pretty good job when it came to mix together the delicate scent of the peony with the a bit more intense smell of the wild orchid.

Sensation wise, everytime I smell this perfume it’s almost like I feel a cold breeze while still having the warm sensation of the two flowers and I love when a fragrance can actually give you the sensation it should give you: obviously I think that with “Fleurs de L’Himalaya” name they absolutely nailed it because it’s definitely a flowery fragrance but it’s different from any other flowery ones I have; it’s almost like you can smell a fresh breeze through it.

As I’ve said in previous posts where I’ve reviewed fragrances, describing them is very difficult because every scent can give you different sensations but being a fragrance lover and nerdie, I can totally say that this fragrance is an absolute win for Rituals Cosmetics.

Even thou it can smell pretty intense, once you put it on it definitely becomes more balanced  and I think it’s a perfect fragrance to wear during spring or summer days, maybe for cocktails or brunches because I would say it has an elegant note to it which makes this fragrance very versatile to wear both for casual and a bit more formal occasions.

Some of you may ask, is this perfume long lasting?  Well, here comes the truth: I think that if you want the smell to be there all day you actually need to reapply it. I think the lasting of a fragrance can also depend on the PH of your skin but at least on mine I find that it doesn’t last all day, unfortunately. You can obviously still smell it, but after few hours the smell is not as intense as when you first applied it.

Would I reccommend it? I can totally say I would reccommend it, especially for the price point: for less than 10 € you get a really nice and particular fragrance and I think it’s definitely worth trying it if you fancy flowery and very peculiar smells. As well as the full size, for less than 40 € you still get a 50 ml fragrance which usually doesn’t happen for that amount of perfumes.

I would absolutely reccommend you to try the travel size first so you can test how you like it and you it works on your skin, but it’s definitely a nice piece to add to your collection.

I hope you enjoyed my review and please let me know if you have any request of products you would like to read a review on as I really enjoy writing them!

Thanks for reading and I’ll hopefully see you in my next one! Bye xx

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