I’m Back! + Life Update, Hitting 1100 views on here and new projects for the blog.

Hello everyone! Welcome back or welcome to my blog if you’re new! Thanks for stopping on my page, I really appreciate it!

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Today it will be a bit of a chit chat post because as some of you may have noticed, I have been taking a long break from my blog and there are few reasons for that; I went to Sicily on the beginning of June and as much as I enjoyed being reunited with my family, the sun, the food and the sea I also had to deal with some health issues unfortunately… nothing too serious, but the situation scared me a bit so I kind of stopped being active on here  and on Instagram too to concentrate a bit more on myself and on getting well.

However, the whole situation really required me to take some time off and as much as I dislike being inactive on projects I am in charge for (my blog and my Instagram) I really not only felt the need to stop for a bit, but also kind of felt it was a natural step to take in that moment; it actually took me some time to make up my mind, get back on track, think more positively and just enjoy everyday more. I also went to Beyoncè and Jay Z’s concert on the 6th of July and that was one of the best experiences ever. It was my first time seeing her live and as soon as I got some time to rest after it I already missed being there and that is definitely a sign I need to go again on her/their next tour!

As you may imagine by now, I didn’t feel like writing posts on here and I feel very sorry for that because creating this blog, developing it and being active on here is one of my 2018 on top of the list goals and I definitely want to keep this promise, both to myself and to the people who have believed in me so far, so thank you for those ones who have still visited my blog because it’s actually doing better than I could think!

I have actually reached 1105 total views today and I really want to take a second to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE of you who has took tome time to visit my blog, read my posts, liked or commented on them because it is very appreciated! For me, it was a huge milestone to even get to 500 views but getting to more than 1000 is something I really did not expect and I appreciate everyone who makes this journey worth it. Thank you for that!


I truly believe on my blog and taking some time off to rest has also gave me time to get inspired and think about it and add a new spin to my blog.

Thinking about previous posts I’ve written I have notice that they very long and it actually takes time to write them and take pictures for them and that’s why I only post 1 or 2 times per week and that’s one thing I would like to change: I would like to post on here a bit more but maybe shorter and more quality posts. Not that I think the previous ones weren’t, but I really feel like I could do even better than before. How do you feel about that? Please let me know your thoughts on the comments below!

Also, one topic I haven’t mentioned a lot even if I love it is fashion and I would like to put out some more content about it because it actually covers a lot of my time but so far I haven’t really written that much about it on here.

So here’s pretty much it guys! I am back and I feel very inspired to get back on track and put some content on here and again, thank you to everyone who keeps believing in the work I do here!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on my next one!

Bye! xx


My Instagram: @imfragranceoffashion

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