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May the 2018 be the year of changes? Well, we’re only halfway through it, but one thing is sure by now: I’ve never worn this much make up on my face during summer time. But don’t worry: I’m not talking about super full coverage foundations or heavy products on your face that make you want to quit your getting ready routine even before you start it: we’re talking about make up products I truly enjoy using and that don’t melt on your face when it’s super hot outside.

The first product is going to be a foundation and besides being super affordable, I find it perfect for taking pictures: it’s the EX1 INVISIWEAR LIQUID FOUNDATION. 

2018-07-24 03.28.07 1.jpg

I have oily skin and as you can imagine, it gets even oilier during the summer days and for me it has always been a struggle to find a foundation that worked for me especially during this time of the year. Although it doens’t have SPF (so I would reccommend using one under it) this foundation is one of my top favourites even during summer time because it doesn’t give a super full coverage (which I don’t like during hotter days) but it evens out the skin tone, makes the skin appear smoother and gives just the perfect amount of coverage without looking cakey, feeling heavy or weird on the face. Its medium coverage makes it perfect for those days when you what that glam without having to use a full coverage foundation.

At the moment, there are different retailers that stock it (such as Boots in the UK or even Amazon) but the one I find the most convenient is which offers FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY. It retails for 12,50 £ for the UK, 17 $ in the US and 14.45 € in for Italy. Here’s the link for those of you who want to shop it:

The next product is something I find really exciting and truly something that I never thought I could wear but here I am including it in a list of my favourite make up products: it’s the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Highlighter Duo in the shades Mimosa Sunrise and Sangria Sunset.

2018-06-03 01.45.46 3.jpg

I think since Fenty Beauty came out it has revolutionized the make up industry: first of all, the famous 40 shades range was a game changer and since then, Rihanna’s make up line as put out nothing but outstanding product and this highlighter duo from their Beach Please collection is one of them: I am usually someone who stays in that neutral, bronze category of make up but these highlighters are a nice surprise into my collection because I also love using them as eyeshadows and they are so peculiar that you don’t need anything else on your lid to make the eyes pop: as for eyeshadows, I find that they are perfect if you want to create an effortless but outstanding look. Of course, I love them as highlighters too because they’re something I had never seen before (especially on my cheekbone, LOL). Oh, and it also comes with a mirror so you can bring it with you and layer it on multiple times during the day if you want to 😉

You can find the Killawatt Foil Highlighters both on and Sephora which retail it for 36 $. For the Italian customers, it’s easier to shop it on where it retails for 34 €.

Shop it on FentyBeauty:

Shop it on

Shop it on

Next product is an eyeshadow palette which is also pretty new into the make up game: it’s the Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Eyeshadow palette. 

2018-07-24 03.33.20 1.jpg

As I am sure by now, Huda Beauty needs no introduction here as it is one of the biggest and most successful make up brands out there. As I said at the beginning of this post, probably 2018 is the year of changes and talking about make up changes today, I never thought I could wear pink eyeshadows again but here’s what I found out after more than 10 years: I freaking love them! I love how they look on my brown eyes and I think pinks and corals create such a beautiful contrast with the brown that I actually use this palette everytime I do my make up (no jokes here).

This tiny palette comes with nine coral based shades with also a beautiful yellow shade which I think it’s very on trend right now and a deep terracotta colour to make more intense looks. I find this palette pretty versatile because you can actually go from a very natural look to a more intense one by using the deep coral and shimmer shades. I personally love this palette not only for the shade range but also for the pigmentation and blendability of the colours.

The price isn’t necessarily that affordable but I find that these little palettes that Huda Beauty has been making are a great way to get to try her products without having to spend double the money to try them (see the Rose Gold or Desert Dusk palettes… beautiful and high quality but not affordable). Also, this palette feels pretty heavy and so high quality but it’s also super small so you can bring it with you when you travel; it also comes with a mirror which is always a plus in the palettes.

You can find the Coral Obsessions palette on right here for 27 $, and right here for 29,90 €.

Next up is a mascara and this is always a tough one for me because my lashes are so difficult to deal with. They’re very straight and definitely not voluminous and it’s hard for me to find a mascara that makes them look nice but guess what? I found a 4 euros one which does the job right and it’s a perfect dupe for more expensive ones!

This mascara is the Rougj “Eva” mascara and it’s basically a volumizing, faux lashes effect mascara and it definitely does what it says and for less than 5 euros if a product keeps its promises I think it’s a win! I find this to be a perfect dupe for the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara or even the Better than Sex one so if you ever come across it definitely give it a try.

2018-07-24 03.52.02 3.jpg


Rougj is an Italian brand that its sold in pharmacies and they make high quality products at a very affordable price. I love this brand because their products are nickel tested which it’s not very easy to find inside the make up industry, especially amongst most popular brands. Their products are also cruelty free and I know they have expanded outside Italy too but for not worldwide for now so I hope you get a chance to find them in your country and try this very good mascara for yourself!

In Italy, it is pretty easy to find it even online: Just google its name and you can see which retailers have it. I got mine at a local pharmacy for 4 euros.

Last but not least, another super affordable product by another Italian brand: Debby make up. They make super affordable products and amongst them I found one I am pleasently surpised about: it’s the Powder Experience Mat&Fix Loose Powder.

2018-07-24 03.29.38 1.jpg

This is basically a transparent powder that mattifies and fixes the make leaving a velvety finish. When I think about powder I usually think about a very dry feeling on my skin and enp up not using them but I have to say I really love this one because again, it’s super affordable and does what it says. It has tiny sparkles inside that will lightly highlight the skin as you put it on. I have been using it for baking purposes as well and I have been loving how my skin looks: first of all, this products makes sure no oils come through so your make stays on for much longer and second, this smoothes the skin and gives a blurring effect that I’ve been loving.

The jar is pretty big so you this product will last you for a very long time, plus it retails for around 5 euros so I think we have a winner here!

Unfortunately I think it’s not easy to find this online so you need to check in local drugstores to see if they have it. But if you ever come across it, I would reccommend giving it a try!

This is it for today’s post. Hope you liked it and please subscribe to my blog if you did, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll see you in my next one, Bye! xx

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  1. Wow! I love the look of your blog, and it’s so well organized too. And, of course, you went over the products really well too! Following you and looking forward to more!

    PS, what theme is this blog? It’s stunning!

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  2. Thank you so much for the appreciation! There’s more to come so thanks for subscribing, you’ll not regret 😀
    The theme is called Dyad 2, glad you like it!


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